Please pray for my mum’s recovery

Now 62, she suffered a serious brain haemorrhage four years ago. She was very close to dying but survived and began to slowly recover. The stroke left her half paralysed and mostly unable to speak. During the first three years she made some progress of recovery, but lately it has stopped and her condition has even begun to worsen.

It has been a very hard time for my dad and youngest sister (who still lives at home). Her condition means that she cannot live at home. Due to the geographical distances, she is alone most of the day in her room at the care home, which also saddens me greatly. On 25 November, I decided to start asking for Pedrito’s intercession for her daily, asking for her complete recovery. She is still young and has much to give for others – and to receive: I am confident that, with her recovery, she could take further steps towards the fullness of the Catholic faith.
OJ, Finland
30 November 2021

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